Technology Partners

We work closely with industry leading solutions providers to create certified technology integrations that are best of breed, end-to-end IT Service Management solutions.

Our close working relationships with developers and product managers help achieve the highest levels of integration, ongoing product enhancements, and seamless support for our end users.


INVICTA is a certified LANDESK One partner. INVICTADesk offers seamless integration with LANDESK Management Suite. This integration facilitates the inspection of an asset’s inventory and provides both automated software deployment and remote control of machines from within an open incident, all without the need to open the LANDESK Management Suite console.

Other certified integrations include the reporting and dashboard solution LANDESK Xtraction and INVICTAPass with LANDESK Service Desk.

INVICTADesk for Microsoft SCCM

INVICTADesk for Microsoft SCCM is a preconfigured interoperation that facilitates endpoint asset inventory management, automated software deployment and remote control. These features are easily accessible from within an open incident in INVICTADesk, eliminating the need to open the SCCM console.

Additional integration features include creation of incidents by device type, viewing of incidents by device type, and viewing of incidents by owner, all from within the SCCM console.


INVICTADesk for Mandriva

Pulse is an Open Source tool that simplifies application deployment, inventory, and maintenance of an IT network. It provides useful features to create rescue disk images to restore a unique computer or image to be deployed across the whole computers network. Remote application deployment and updates. Software and hardware inventory, remote diagnostic and control.

INVICTADesk has a seamless integration with all Mandriva Pulse management tools.


If you’d like more information on our certified technology integrations or have interest in becoming a technology partner, simply fill out the form below.